Everybody knows that healing potions are blue and smell like peppermint. How boring. Switch it up a little with a more detailed inventory of your alchemist's creations.

This vial labeled in Dwarven is filled with an old lace tea with ivory glitter that tastes like lizard mouth.

This decanter labeled with Druidic runes is filled with a khaki liquid with lavender whorls that smells like freshly-picked juniper flowers.

This decanter is filled with a buttery myrtle smoke with purple stripes that tastes like stirge eyeball.

This copper beaker is filled with a misty carrot orange tonic with colorless stripes that smells like freshly-picked violet flowers.

This bottle labeled with Druidic runes is filled with an iridescent multi-colored tonic that smells like freshly-picked chili pepper.

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