Everybody knows that healing potions are blue and smell like peppermint. How boring. Switch it up a little with a more detailed inventory of your alchemist's creations.

This etched gold ampoule labeled with Infernal runes is filled with an elixir that smells like freshly-picked chili pepper.

This fir vial is filled with a cloudy pink tonic with clear sparkles that smells like freshly-picked safflower.

This walnut vial labeled with Celestial runes is filled with a draught with ivory eddies that smells like fountain pen ink, tastes like blackcurrant,.

This flask inset with platinum bands is filled with a translucent russet vapor that smells like zucchinis.

This aspen beaker is filled with a translucent grey liquid with magnolia eddies that smells like swiss chard, tastes like berry liqueurs,.

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