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Spanish Names

Created: 16 Nov 2013
¡Hola! Whether you're looking for a name for a swashbuckler aboard the high seas, a stereotypical drug baron, or the matador de toros, they need an authentic Spanish name, complete with accents!
Give them an authentic Spanish name faster than you can say mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas!


Pope Names

Created: 14 Jun 2013
The old, much-loved pope has passed away and the cardinals have elected a new pope. However, he hasn't yet decided on a papal name. Can you help him out?
Generate a Pope Name!


English Town Names

Created: 06 Jun 2013
Every town has a name, and town names work best when they're easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and most importantly, distinguishable and distinct. Your map-maker wants to know what you're going to call your new settlement. What will you tell him?
Generate an English town name!


Japanese Names

Created: 11 Mar 2013
If you don't speak any Asiatic languages, these semi-realistic names in Japanese that you can use in Latinized script could be quite useful.
Generate a Japanese Name!


Gnomish Names

Created: 16 Nov 2011
Ever the curious and inventive little folk, gnomes have names that reflect their affinity with tools, technology, and engineering. What will yours be?
Generate a Gnomish name!


English Names

Created: 20 Feb 2013
Tired of all your barkeeps being variations of John or Thomas? Populating an idyllic pseudo-English/Scottish/Irish-themed village and drawing a blank on the blacksmith's name? Just want an easily-pronounceable name?
Generate some English names!


Tavern and Inn Names

Created: 29 Nov 2011
You have arrived at the capital city and are just dying for a drink. The locals suggest that you go to this or that specific watering hole, but by what fanciful name is it called?
Generate some tavern names!


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