Other Generators

Over the years I’ve visited many, many generator sites. As with everything in life, some things suck and some things rock. This page is a list of other generators that I’ve found to be exceedingly useful, full of content, or just plain funny. If there’s a generator site you think should be on this list, contact me and I’ll check it out. Several sites are marked NSFW (Not Safe For Work) because their contents contain dirty or work-inappropriate language, so if you’re at work or school, be careful clicking these links. So far I haven’t seen any sites with inappropriate advertising, but if you find one, let me know and I’ll mark them with the NSFW tag.


These sites are highly recommended for their quality, quantity, and usefulness.

Other Generators

There's always a few oddballs that just don't fit in any other category.

Just for Fun

These generator sites are just for fun.

  • Fifty Shades Generator NSFW

    From the site: “Fledgling authors! Spice up your otherwise lacklustre novel with graphic sex scenes guaranteed to get your readers hot under the collar, and slightly sick in their mouths.” This generator is absolutely hilarious and totally NSFW, but if you absolutely have to include the Net.Book of Sex in your campaign, why not spice it up with this generator?

  • The 60-Second Horoscope Generator

    Struggling to find high-quality horoscopes to help you guide your life? Not satisfied with the slow update schedule of some horoscope publishers? TheHitman’s 60-Second Horoscope Generator will present you with a brand-new horoscope every minute throughout the day!

Lorem Ipsum

These generators will put out Lorem Ipsum-esque text, although aside from the "official" Lipsum generator, they all have their own unique twists to them.

  • Samuel L. Ipsum Generator NSFW

    For when you need some @#$%&! placeholder text right @#$%&! now!

Not Really Gaming-Related

These generators are not really gaming-related but perhaps you might find them useful.

  • Impossibility!

    Although this is a domain name generator, it’s actually one of the better ones I’ve found out there.

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