About Dungeons & Taverns

Q: Who owns this fine establishment?
A: Why, ’tis but I, your lovely Dungeon Mistress! A while ago I programmed a random generator for helping me generate World of Warcraft-style Gnomish names for my D&D campaign because I was frustrated at the lack of original, unique, and more importantly, easily accessible and quickly regenerateable names out there. Yes, I know “regenerateable” is not a word. After sharing the generator with my (equally nerdy) players, they came up with suggestions for more generators, and after awhile, I had enough to start my own site.
So, pull up a chair and grab your favorite mug… What’ll you be havin’ today, sirs and madames?
Q: Why Dungeons & Taverns?
A: My boys and I play mostly Dungeons & Dragons, so the name was a bit of a play on words. However, Dungeons & Taverns’ generators can be used for any game platform in any world – the creativity is up to you! Any D&D-specific generators will be marked as such.
Q: I have a good idea for a generator. How can I suggest it to you?
A: Contact me through the site. I will consider requests for generators, but due to time constraints and whether or not I think your idea is 1. doable and 2. sounds like fun, I can’t make any guarantees. It never hurts to try, though.
Q: What are the generators written with?
A: PHP interfacing with a database for the wordlists and patterns.

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